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Health & Fitness

From the ancient ages man realized the necessity of staying healthy and thus employed nature’s own treasure in fighting with diseases and for staying fit. In India it was yoga, ayurveda and naturopathy in which the Indian sages found the answers for natural therapies. Now a day staying healthy just not only means the "absence of sickness" but it’s an all-comprising expression, which illustrates a healthy body, the abode of the healthy mind. The Indian potions are perfect to achieve this end.

Ayurveda  (495)
Sub Categories
 History of Ayurveda  (231)
 Ayurveda  (39)
 Ayurvedic Recipes  (34)
 Treatment in Ayurveda  (31)
 Ayurvedic Massage  (21)
Homeopathy  (75)
Meditation  (74)
Sub Categories
 Meditation  (38)
 Types of Meditation  (28)
 Meditation Techniques  (2)
 Transcendental Meditation  (2)
Naturopathy  (696)
Sub Categories
 Nature Cure Treatments  (341)
 Indian Naturopathy  (141)
 Aromatherapy  (117)
 Magnetic Therapy  (29)
 Unani Medicine in India  (19)
Yoga  (755)
Sub Categories
 Patanjali Yoga Sutras  (217)
 Yoga Asanas  (123)
 Kundalini Yoga  (77)
 Mudra  (74)
 Yoga  (65)
Health & Fitness
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