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Care and Selection of Aromatheraphy Oils
 Aromatheraphy OilsLike any other medicinal application, a proper use of Aromatheraphy Oils is therapeutic, while an improper use may be extremely toxic and harmful. There are many oils that cannot be taken internally or some that should not be taken during pregnancy. And apart from certain "mild" oils, direct application on skin, or even direct inhalation should be avoided.

Although care and precaution for each oil is different, there are certain general precautions that we can follow while buying and keeping them, to avoid any disaster.

Aromatheraphy Oils are light and sensitive, hence they should be stored in tightly capped amber or colored bottles away from extremes of heat or cold. Anything being sold in a clear bottle is most likely not an essential oil. Clear glass, at the very least, can indicate distribution by people unfamiliar with essential oils.

Aromatheraphy Oils should be labeled with the botanical name of the extracted plant and information should be available about the method used to produce them.

Aromatheraphy Oils vary greatly in price due to production variables. It can take up to 2,000 pounds of rose petals to produce one pound of rose aromatheraphy oils through distillation. 25 pounds of citrus rind make one pound of expressed citrus oils. Due to the variables of labor, rainfall, farming costs, extraction methods, and demand on the world market, Rose oil tend to be costlier than orange oil. If you see different essential oils selling for the same price, it is probable that these oils are diluted with vegetable oil to create this pricing structure. Beware!!

Beware of fragrances usually sold in clear glass. These are not aromatheraphy oils, but are chemical compositions made in a laboratory to produce a smell, which is a copy of nature.

There is no such aromatheraphy oil as watermelon, bubble gum or Pina colada.

 Aromatheraphy Oils In general, the most useful oils are those that mix well with as many other oils as possible. They also need to have the broadest range of therapeutic uses combined with the most pleasant aromas possible. Here is an ideal small collection:

To start with: Jasmine, lavender, Neroli, peppermint, rose and sandalwood.

Useful extras: Chamomile, Eucalyptus, geranium, lemon, patchouli and ylang-ylang.

The main rule when it comes to buying aromatheraphy oils is to be led by your nose. Since our sense of smell is so closely linked to our memories and feelings about each aroma, it is a very personal thing. Do not try to sniff every oil at one go. Select the chosen few and try them at a time.
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