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Aromatherapy: Emotions and spirituality
An aromatic essence can have powerful influence on our being. It can clear our thinking; open our hearts, awakens our senses, and aligns our Chakra energy to create a connection to the spiritual or the divine.

meditationThere exist a long history of Essential oils being used for spiritual objectives, meditation and rituals. Incense is just one example of aromas being used in religious ceremonies and for inducing a `spiritual` environment in millions of temples and homes.

In India, it is a very common application of incense to create a "Holy" environment that helps us to connect with our higher self much easily. In oriental countries like China, Vietnam and Burma incense is used to purify the environment.

As a matter of fact, the priests of ancient Egypt were the first aromatherapists of all times. Isn`t it amazing that the divinity related applications of aroma oils was the first use to be discovered of all.

As the use of aromatic substances became more common, they were also used by the physicians.

At Heliopolis, the city dedicated to Ra the Sun-God, incense was burned 3 times a day: sunrise, noon, and sunset. This incense was called Kuphi or Kyphi and contained 16 ingredients including cassia, Calamus, Citronella, Cinnamon, Peppermint, Pistacia, Juniper, Acacia, Henna, Cypress, Myrrh, Raisins, Frankincense and Morning Glory.

The excellent thereupatic properties of aroma oil can adjust the way in which we perceive, feel and think about both ourselves and our environment working from the Spiritual perspective. They can also help change energy imbalances in our Aura (Etheric body).

Essential oils help us to have a more positive, relaxed and insightful outlook. They help us to concentrate better, develop our "psychic awareness", and act as a bridge to help us access "deeper" or "higher" levels of consciousness. This function of Essential Oils overlaps with the effects oils have on the Brain, but it must be remembered that the Nervous and Hormonal Systems are the physical "translators" of the Etheric dimensions. In other words it is our subconscious or "deep" self that rules above all.

The use of Aromatic plants as Incense in religious and ritual practices is based on this knowledge. Incense purifies, acts as a libation or gesture of respect to higher intelligences and gives us a "doorway" for entry into the Astral realms or "Cosmic consciousness."

By using our sensitivity to other levels of energy / being and other levels of our own consciousness, we are better able to develop our own personal / spiritual growth. Essential oils are the natural, helpful tools that help us to achieve this objective.

We must first pass through the different layers of our own psychological or prewritten makeup, to achieve the higher levels of consciousness. Aroma helps to ease the passage through these layers of self to the Universal light, creating a link or channel between us and the formative energies of the Universe and our own Being.

Our intentions, working in tunes with the effectiveness of the aromatic oils leads to easy attunement whether it is in healing or meditation techniques.

Essential oils form a bridge commonly used by Auric Healers to set a communication link between the physical and etheric bodies. The radiations from natural aromatic substances also nourish our natural energies and spirit. Odours are known to give off vibrations, which fit into the known electromagnetic scale and are thought to vibrate in the Infrared end of the colour spectrum. This is also known as the "invisible colours`.
Different aromatic notes also affect different Chakras. They help in alignment of Kundalini energy in our body.

The other point of view to look at the same effect of aroma oils on our mind, body and soul is through the famous and renowned classification of three states under Indian spirituality.


Aromatherapy: Emotions and spiritualityOur mind is a filter through which all experience is passed. Each of us creates, inside our head, a world in which we live. Our ego-mind attempts to protect us from harm by keeping us separate; some doctors say the only disease is separation. Every moment we choose between heaven and hell (joining or separation) and the ego-mind will always choose safety and separation over vulnerability and openness.


There are three states of the mind in which we can play out our life experience. The first is dominated by darkness and dullness and is known as tamas. The various aspects of Tamasic mind is characterized by fearfulness, dishonesty, secretiveness, depression, self-destruction, addiction, perversion, and suicidal tendencies OR hate, vindictiveness outward destruction, and criminality OR lethargy, apathy, and insensitivity.


When a person rises above darkness, he comes into the world of action. A raja is being caught up in the illusion of the world and the pursuit of desires. For the ego-mind in a Rajasic state, your life will be full of Indecisiveness, hyperactivity, irritation, anxiety, superficial conversations, noise and disruption OR angry, proud, critical, dominating, ambitious, impulsive and manipulative OR issues of control, attachment, greed, material` ism, the pursuit of comfort, security, and sentimentality.

Each of these modes of action, thoughts, and emotions contains lessons, and we cannot label them as good or bad. A human being can learn from anything, but in the illusion we become lost, thinking "this is all there is," But the seeker of light will find a higher source.


Sattva is the highest state. This is our birthright; this is where we are meant to play and live. The Sattvic mind has the ability to make positive changes, to start projects, to have enthusiasm and under- standing of human connectedness, quick comprehension, good communication, flexibility, energy and a strong healing force OR it makes a good leader who is clear, enlightened, discriminating, intelligent, warm, friendly and independent OR it manifests Sattvic qualities and is notably calm, stable, loyal, peaceful, compassionate, devoted, nurturing and receptive.


What we have done in the past is not important, except as fuel for growth. Our personal Histories are most important for us to know, so that we don`t find ourselves caught in patterns of behavior, which take us nowhere. Essential oils can be the key in breaking that cycle. Our sense of smell is strongly connected into our limbic system, our moods, our memories, our desires and our appetites. Below please find a list of emotions and some suggested essential oils that you can use in inhalations, personal perfumes, diffusers, sprayers and baths, to help to break your patterns.

Basil, cypress, lemon, lemongrass, rose, rosemary and petitgrain.

Basil, cypress, lemon, orange and rosemary.

Sleepless (insomnia):
Basil, chamomile, lavender, mandarin, orange, Neroli, rose, rosemary, thyme.

Borage, cardamom, champa, coriander, blue chamomile, lotus, musk, rose, saffron.

Lavender and peppermint.

Jasmine and yarrow.

Henna, oud musk, geranium and yarrow.

Amber and geranium.

Brahmi and gold chamomile.

Benzoin, frankincense, lavender, Roman chamomile, rose and ylang ylang.

Bergamot, lemongrass, geranium, clary sage, grapefruit, orange and petitgrain.

Lavender, champa, orange, bergamot, cajuput and patchouli.

Basil, rosemary and cardamom.

Mint, ginger and myrtle.

Uncertain (low self-esteem):
Ylang ylang, immortelle, petitgrain, jasmine.

Grapefruit, lime, bergamot and chamomile.

Benzoin, jasmine, rose, rosewood, clary sage, Melissa and Neroli.

Belief of reincarnation says that the level of thoughts and being we possess today is the result of the incarnation of previous lives. Our purpose in life and our needed experiences are incorporated into our karmic sheath in energetic form; this is why we are attracted to certain types of people, professions, situations, etc. Once we reach the understanding that our ultimate purpose in life, We begin to achieve some degree of self-mastery. Until that point we find ourselves locked into automatic responses dictated to us by our ego-mind from past Experience. During this lifetime, events occur and we make judgments about at the notions that are already programmed in us. Every situation is compared to a similar past event, and projections are brought forward and applied to the new situation. Our ego mind is a judging and evaluating machine.

And we cannot only change our present life, but the entire future of our existence with our will, knowledge and Aromatherapy.

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