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Aromatic Jewellery

Aromatic neckpieceVictorian women, in order to fend off fainting spells favored aromatic pendants. Courtesans use to carry aphrodisiac with them in the form of jewellery that comes in handy. Medieval queens and even kings of India use to carry vials with them to create a pleasant atmosphere wherever they went.

And now, the aromatic jewellery has taken a major and modern turn. They`ve recently resurfaced- this time, strictly for their aesthetic appeal and convenience.

Aromatherapy is the alternate branch that heals with a pleasantness that no other branch can offer. Essential Oil content accomplishes the dual job of aiding in enhancing the health of the skin and its fragrance gives the mood swings a rest and puts you at peace. Cosmetic aromatherapy for obvious reasons is gaining in popularity too.

True to its nature aromatherapy jewelry not only adorns and adds beauty to the beholder but also gives its therapeutic effect at any time of the day. The oils used in the jewellery are as "euphoric and anti-stress substances that provide great pleasure for the wearer." The preferred scents are usually essential, or pure, flower oils, including champa, jasmine, orange blossom, rose and hyacinth.

The Aromatherapy jewellery is usually in the form of a necklace or pendant. These forms either have the space to embody a vial full of essential oils, or a small pad placed inside them that can be soaked with essential oils. Sometimes even a vial in decorative and colorful forms is designed to adorn the necks of ardent followers of aromatherapy, to make essential oils more handy and useful.

Aromatic earringApart from these form, aromatherapy jewels can also be in form of bracelets, earrings and hair adornments. The method of combining aroma with jewels can be many. One method is creating a tunnel like structure inside the gems, and filling it with aromatic oils. Though most of the pendants in the necklace are chosen by the retailer there are options of jewels wherein the socket is left open for the user to insert essential oil of his or her choice. The traditional heart locket is very popular, as are engravings of the sun, the Celtic cross, the pentacle, roses, and various animals including dragons. Like lockets, vials come with many different designs and patterns too. This allows for you to choose, exhibit, exhale, and inhale the fragrance of your choice. These are called diffuser pendant necklaces and are available widely.

Bracelet bottle are also available so you can touch up your pulse points throughout the day. Aromatic jewelry is a way to keep mood-enhancing essential oils on hand.

Gemstones are known as the effective medium for changing our body`s aura, moods and thinking patterns.

The keen new age fan of aromatherapies have allied quartz crystals with fragrance in a unique new species of aromatic jewelry that they regard as synergistic. The concept is simple: a minuscule fragrance well is drilled into a crystal, and a few drops of fragrance are inserted with a pipette. The preferred fragrances tend to be alcohol-free perfumes or essential oils - such as rosemary to purify, lavender to calm. Since aroma oils and gemstones, both vibrate to a particular color, harmonizing combinations are used for the desired effects. Lavender and amethysts, both violets in color give soothing and calming effects. The fragrance diffuses slowly and slowly to the atmosphere around the wearer. The body warmth also adds to the act of diffusion. Moreover, the transparency of the crystal adds to the aromatic empowerment.

These aromatic jewellery is gaining slow but steady popularity by the increasing rage of aromatherapy itself. The jewellery can be used for people keen on meditation, and the one requiring high concentration and calmness, to the people who want to be alert, as aphrodisiac for lovers, and of course to evoke a much desired feeling of natural harmony and pleasantness.

And all this is gained by looking elegant at the same time through "Aroma Jewels."

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