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Baby Massage with aromatherapy oils
Babies need touch in order to thrive. No matter how small the baby might be he/she will be able to differentiate the various touches of different people. The moment the mother picks up her crying baby, the baby stops crying as he/she recognizes the mother`s magical touch.

Massage involves the magical power of touch. Pediatric research has shown that premature babies make quicker progress when given regular massage. Massaging the baby comes naturally to the mother. Massage is just an extension to the mother`s need to touch and get as close as possible to the baby while looking after all his/her other needs. It strengthens the bond between the mother and the child and soothes and calms the both.

The best time to massage the baby is just after his/her bath, when he/she is not feeling hungry and irritable. Make sure that the room in which you give a massage to the child is warm and nice and smells good. You can perfume the room gently with a vaporizer and one of the relaxing aromatherapy oils.

The easiest way to give a massage to the child is while sitting on the floor, legs outstretched with the baby lying on the legs. Through this the child gets a reassurance of the mother`s warm touch. Make sure that you feel comfortable before you start. You can also prop yourself with a lot of cushions to keep yourself comfortable.

Remember to remove any jewellery and warm your hands and aromatherapy oil prior to the massage. Use a blend of 4 fl oz (100 ml) of sweet almond oil added with two drops of any of the following:
  • Chamomile oil

  • Rose oil

  • Lavender oil

  • Neroli oil

  • The Massage
  • Start with your baby lying against your legs on his/ her back so that the child can look up to you.

  • Baby Massage
  • Stroke gently down the child`s arms, and then legs. Repeat each movement five or six times.

  • Circle round the tummy, using the flat of your hand, in an anti-clockwise direction (this is very calming).

  • Stretch out the child`s toes one by one, then gently rub the soles of the feet, using your thumb.

  • Uncurl the child`s fingers, then gently move each one clockwise, then anti clockwise.

  • Now, rub over the palms of his/her hands with your thumbs. Turn your baby over, to lie on his tummy against your legs.

  • Gently rub a little oil into his back, bottom, legs and feet using long, light strokes.

  • Stroke down his back, giving a little squeeze at the buttocks. Repeat five or six times.

  • Gently stroke round his/her shoulders, down the arms and off at his/her hands.

  • Gently stroke down his legs several times. Each time finish by giving his legs a little stretch by pulling at the ankles.

  • Finish by stroking gently down his back and legs in one movement. Repeat, getting lighter with each stroke, until your hand just glides over your baby without actually touching him.

  • Gently stroke the baby on to his back so that he can see you again.

  • Now gently stroke a little oil (the surplus on your hands should be enough) on to the child`s face. Lightly stroke up the forehead several times.

  • Gently squeeze and rub the child`s ear lobes between your finger and thumb.

  • Finish off with a connecting stroke. With one hand cradling your baby`s head, stroke gently down his body with the other and bring it to rest on top of his feet. Hold this position (one hand on the head, the other on the feet) for a count of ten. Gently release and lift off your hands.

  • You should have a contented baby by this point.
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