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Body Care with Aroma Oils
Skincare is not just about face. Other parts of the body deserve the same kind of care and pampering. Just a little body massage with the right aroma oil will not only improve skin`s quality, but also make one feel good from inside like never before. Not to mention the compliments that follows the looks and the confidence.

Aromatherapy body treatment is relatively inexpensive, fast and effective. A particular area when treated with the particular essential oil responds very fast.

Body Care Instead of buying an exfoliator to smooth skin, you can make your own and include an essential oil to break down cellulite at the same time. Or instead of using an all-over body lotion, you can create one moisturizer with an essential oil to treat your oily back and another to soothe the dry skin on the rest of your body.


An essential-oil moisturizer is undoubtedly the best body treatment available. What`s more is that you can make the lotion at your home itself. To apply essential oils for maximum benefit you need to dilute them with a carrier oil, not only to stop them being too strong, but also so that they spread evenly, evaporate slowly and are held on the skin while they`re absorbed. And it is the carrier oil, as much as the aromatic ones you add, that makes them such good moisturizers.

Moisturizers work by trapping the inherent moisturizer inside the skin by blocking the pores.

Legs and arms have few sebaceous glands (the oil-producing pores that help keep skin naturally soft) and this is why you so often get rough, dry patches on the feet, knees and elbows. However the upper back has so many sebaceous glands that they often block causing spots and greasiness.

Therefore body parts have different need of moisturisation.

The Aromatherapy Recipe for body treatment is pure oil for maximum moisturisation with the right therapeutic drops added for your needs. And that is all it is.


The best time to apply them is after a bath or a shower, when skin is soft, warm, damp and slightly swollen with water. Then, the essential oils are absorbed more rapidly into the skin.

The next best way to speed up oil absorption is with massage. When oil is rubbed over skin the friction and body heat warms it, so it almost melts into the body. You can follow a complete routine like the energizing top-to-toe self-massage or just rub the oils in using firm, rhythmic palm strokes to create maximum heat and friction.


Body moisturizers should be well diluted, as they are supposed to be applied to the entire body. Otherwise the body heat will increase the aromatic powers manifolds. Always apply them sparingly so the carrier oil is totally absorbed.

Mix just enough to last for a few days, for the fresher the ingredients the better the beneficial properties. If you really need to mix a large batch, add the contents of a vitamin E capsule or a teaspoon of wheatgerm oil to act as a natural preservative. The ideal aromatherapy recipe for body moisturizers should have 15 drops of the essential oil in 60ml (2fl oz/12 tsps) carrier oil.


For the essential moisturizer to be effective, choosing the right carrier oil for good blending is utmost important. Some carrier oils are light and instantly absorbed, some are richer and more emollient and some are particularly good for individual skin problems.

Mineral oil is not compatible with the skin; therefore the baby lotions and petroleum jelly products should be avoided.

Always buy pure, cold-pressed oils as these are the best quality and blend well with essential oils. You should first measure out your chosen carrier oil into a dark glass bottle, then add the essential oils, drop by drop. Always store in a cool, dark place and shake well before use.

Best Carrier Oils

wheat germ {for scars)
sesame (for stretch marks).
apricot kernel, evening primrose (for wrinkles).
safflower, sunflower (for oily skin).
sweet almond (for normal, itchy or sensitive skin).
peanut (for dry skin).
olive oil (for rough skin).


Body moisturisersIt is very important to choose a particular moisturizing essential oil for certain aim in mind. For example, if the aroma is the only goal, then one must choose the oil whose aroma appeal to his/ her senses.
If you are using it for a therapy purpose, then choose accordingly for the troubled spot. If the person takes aromabaths, the one must carefully match the moisturising aroma with the ones used in bath.

Aroma oils can be combined with a little reason and guidance to get more effects.

Best Aromatic Oils


Best Therapeutic Oils

bergamot (for oily skin)
chamomile (for itchy skin)
cypress (for cellulite)
frankincense (stretch marks)
lavender (for sensitive skin)
myrrh (for dry skin)
rose (mature skin)
tea-tree (cracked, rough skin)

Since the finished product will cover you from top to toe, remember that the final aroma must be something that delights your nose. To set you on the right track, here is a selection of excellent aromatherapy body moisturizing recipes for you to try. Essential oils can also be added to non-aromatic moisturizers or creams (barring mineral oils).
Try any of the following combinations that will turn a normal day or night cream into beneficial aromatherapy treatment.
The ratio is two drops of aromatherapy oil to 4fl oz (100 ml) of cream, either used singly or in combination.

For mature skin
  • 7 drops rose and 4 drops each lavender and sandal-Wood in 60ml (2fl oz/12 tsps) apricot kernel oil

  • 4 drops galbanum, 5 drops geranium and 6 drops Lavender in 60ml (2fl oz/12 tsps) sesame oil

  • For dry skin
  • 8 drops myrrh and 7 drops rose in 60ml (2fl-oz/12 tsps) Peanut oil

  • 5 drops each patchouli, sandalwood and jasmine in 60ml (2fl oz/12 tsps) sweet almond oil

  • For summer
  • 4 drops each chamorlle, lavender and sandalwood in 60ml (2fl oz/12 tsps) peanut oil

  • 7 drops each rose and Neroli in 60ml (2fl oz/12 tsps)

  • For winter
  • 5 drops each sandalwood, juniper and petitgrain in 60ml (2fl oz/12 tsps) olive oil

  • 6 drops lavender, 4 drops frankincense and 4 drops Myrrh in 60ml (2fl oz/12 tsps) of sweet almond oil.

    For oily skin
  • 8 drops lavender and 3 drops each lemon and Petitgrain in 60 ml (2fl oz/12 tsps) sunflower oil

  • 5 drops each bergamot, chamomile and geranium in 60ml (2fl oz/12 tsps) safflower oil

  • For itchy/sensitive skin
  • 5 drops rose and 9 drops chamomile in 60ml (2fl oz/12tsps) sweet almond oil.

  • 8 drops lavender, 2 drops marigold and 5 drops violet In 60ml (2fl oz/12 tsps) sweet almond oil.

  • For summer
  • 5 drops each bergamot, geranium and neroli in 60ml (2fl oz/12 tsps) safflower oil.

  • 6 drops rose, 4 drops jasmine and 5 drops mimosa in 60ml (2fl oz/12 tsps) sunflower oil

  • For winter
  • 4 drops each sandalwood, patchouli and myrrh in 60ml (2fl oz/12 tsps) sweet almond oil

  • 6 drops sandalwood and 4 drops each orange and Ylang-ylang in 60ml (2fl oz/12 tsps) sunflower oil

    The basic carrier-oil/essential-oil body moisturizer mix may be used to create all sorts of other treatment products. If you add some to a little hot water, you get an excellent pre-manicure, nail-softening soak. If you add a grainy ingredient, such as coarse sea salt or roughly chopped almonds, it makes a smoothing and soothing body exfoliator. And if you need to treat a specific area, you can add finely ground oatmeal, kaolin or fuller`s earth to thicken the mix and apply it as a body mask.

    These cost-effective methods can cover each and every sort of body troubles. The blending of the materials is entirely in your hands. Just a basic guideline has to be followed.

    For patches of very rough skin
    Body ExfolitorPlace 5 heaped tablespoons of coarse sea salt in screw-top glass jar. Add 5ml (0.2fl oz/ 1 tsp) body moisturizer and mix by sprinkling it all over the salt in small droplets. Then shake the jar to mix and leave overnight before use.
    Uses: With skin slightly damp, rub it into heels, knees and elbows to remove thick, rough patches of skin. Rinse off with warm water and apply a body of moisturizer immediately afterwards.

    For dry or coarse skin
    Finely blend or chop two tablespoons of fresh almonds and add enough body moisturizer mix to make a smooth paste. Coarsely chop two tablespoons of fresh almonds and mix through the paste. Use immediately.
    Uses: With skin slightly damp, rub the paste in circular movements over buttocks, thighs, upper arms, upper back, shoulders or anywhere else that skin is dull. Finish by rubbing in a rich body moisturizer.

    For a small area of skin
    Heat 10 mI (0.4fl oz/2 tsps) body-moisturizer mix by placing the bottle in a vertical / standing position in boiling water. Then mix with finely blended oatmeal to make a thick paste.
    Uses: Ideal to spread on a spotty chest or back, or dry patches of skin. Apply the paste while it is still warm for a drawing effect, then rinse off once it has cooled.

    For a large area of skin
    Combine 60ml (2fl oz/12 tsps) body moisturizer mix with enough dried kaolin or fuller`s earth to make a smooth, soft paste. Apply immediately.
    Uses: For cellulite, fluid retention or varicose veins, spread the paste thinly over the area and leave it to harden. Rinse off then massage in a body moisturizer.

    For rough or hard skin
    Add 30ml (lf 1 oz/6 tsps) body-moisturizer mix to a little hot water in a basin. Use immediately.
    Uses: Use before a manicure or pedicure. For patches of very hard skin, use a pumice stone immediately after soaking. Finish with a body moisturizer.

    For thick, coarse skin
    Add 30ml (lfl oz/6 tsps) body-moisturizer mix to a little hot water. Soak a piece of cotton cloth in it until sodden, then wring it out and apply it immediately.
    Uses: Ideal for softening elbows, knees or other areas of coarse skin before massaging in a body moisturizer.

    Fast and deep penetration of essential oils is the answer to all the ailments related to skin care. Be it stretch marks, acne, cellulite or coarse skin, all problems are solved by effective application of essential oils. Few of the common skin complaints and their solutions are give as below:

    For cold feet and poor circulation
    3 drops each eucalyptus and ginger in 30ml (1fl oz/6 tsps) olive oil

    For callousness and rough skin
    3 drops each lavender and sandalwood in 30ml (1fl oz/6 tsps) olive oil.

    For athlete`s foot, warts, corns.
    3 drops lemon and 4 drops tea-tree in 30ml (1fl oz/6 tsps) olive oil

    For thick, coarse skin
    3 drops each rose and lavender in 30ml (1fl oz/6 tsps) olive oil

    For varicose veins
    2 drops each cypress, lime and marigold in 30ml (1fl oz/6 tsps) sweet almond oil

    For cellulite
    4 drops each lavender, juniper and rosemary in 60ml (1fl oz/6 tsps) of sesame oil

    For stretch marks
    3 drops lavender and 2 drops each frankincense and sandalwood in 30ml (1fl oz/6 tsps) sesame oil.

    For fluid retention.
    3 drops cypress and 2 drops each geranium and sage in 30ml (1fl oz/6 tsps) sweet almond oil.

    For slack skin on upper arms
    2 drops each geranium, lemongrass and marjoram in 30ml (1fl oz/6 tsps) sesame oil

    For dry skin on elbows
    2 drops each chamomile, jasmine and sandalwood in 30ml (1fl oz/6 tsps) olive oil

    For Nails
    3 drops each bay and sandalwood in 30ml (1fl oz/6 tsps) sweet almond oil

    For Skin
    2 drops each lavender, geranium and chamomile in 30ml (1fl oz/6 tsps) sweet almond oil


    For spots and oiliness:
    2 drops each chamomile, bergamot and basil in 30ml (1fl oz/6 tsps) safflower oil


    For scars
    3 drops lavender and 2 drops neroli in 15ml (0.5fl oz/3 tsps) wheatgerm oil

    For excess perspiration
    3 drops citronella and 2 drops each lemongrass and bergamot in 30ml (1fl oz/6 tsps) sunflower oil

    For energy
    2 drops each peppermint, rosemary and lemongrass in 60ml (2fl oz/12 tsps) sweet almond oil.

    For relaxation:
    7 drops each jasmine and Neroli in 60ml (2fl oz/12 tsps) sweet almond oil.

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