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Face and Scalp Massage in Aromatherapy
The Face & Scalp
Until you`ve had the pleasurable experience of a face massage you probably won`t realize how much tension we hold in our faces. Think of frowning this is caused by muscle action, and these muscles tire just as much as those of any other part of the body. A caring face massage can smooth away some of this tension, leaving us looking (and feeling) more at ease and relaxed.

Offer to take your partner`s hair off the face with a headband, as it will inevitably get a little oily around the hairline during the massage. Be careful not to use too much oil on the face or you`ll find it difficult to massage specific areas without slipping.

Encourage your partner to close his or her eyes, so as to focus on your touch. Also, it can be disconcerting to have someone staring up at you, especially as a novice.

  • Begin by stroking up each side of the jaw-line to the forehead. Repeat four or five times. Slowly stroke the forehead rhythmically with the flat of your hand from just above the brows to the hairline.

  • Face and Scalp MassageStarting at the centre hairline slide your thumbs out to the side, applying gentle pressure. Move down the forehead slightly and repeat. Continue this outward stroking pressure until you reach the eyebrows.

  • Now place the heel of each hand on the centre forehead and slide out to the sides. Repeat three times.

  • Place the first two fingers of each hand on the temples and circle gently for a minute or two, applying a little pressure. All the above movements help to relieve a headache. Try lavender oil for your massage, as it can ward off a headache if used in time.

  • Place your thumbs on your partner`s inner eyebrows and slide out to the sides. Repeat three times.

  • With your index finger and thumb gently pull along the brow bone. Repeat three times.

  • Stroke gently over the eyelids with your ring fingers, from the inner to the outer corners. Repeat three times.

  • Alternately stroke down the nose with your thumbs, then gently rub round the nose tip and nostrils. Be careful not to press hard on the nostrils.

  • Stroke the cheeks across the cheekbones and gradually work down the face to the chin.

  • Make little circular movements across the top lip. When you reach the corner of the mouth lift slightly, then repeat.

  • Make pinching movements out along the jaw line and up towards the ears.

  • Rub the earlobes between your fingers and thumb, then gently pinch all around the outer ear. Most people love this.

  • Sweep your hands up the neck and on to the cheeks. Hold, then repeat.

  • Finish by stroking the forehead, getting lighter and lighter until you bring your hands off.

  • Scalp Movements

  • Remove your partners headband. Bring your hands up the side of the face to the forehead, then rake them through the hair. Repeat several times.

  • `Glue` your fingers onto the scalp and move it around against the skull. Move your fingers to a different position and repeat this process until all the scalp has been covered.

  • Rub vigorously over the scalp, as if shampooing the hair.

  • Take little bunches of hair all over the scalp and tug gently. This feels lovely and really stimulates the scalp.

  • Repeat step 1 to finish off.

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