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Foot and Leg Massage in Aromatherapy
Foot  MassageThe feet is the most important and probably the most neglected part of the body. It needs regular care and attention from time to time to make you feel healthy.

Make sure your partner is warm and comfortable.
Uncover one foot by folding the by folding back the towel or blanket.
Pour a little of the chosen oil into the palm of one hand . Rub your hands together to distribute the oil. You are now ready to begin:

  • Enclose the foot between both hands(one on top and one underneath), then gently side your hands off the foot coming forward to the toes. This movement should be slow and soothing. Repeat four or five times.

  • Gently circle around the ankles using your thumbs. This area can be tender so go easy.
  • Rub over the top of the foot with your thumbs in little circles, coming down from the ankle area to the toes. Repeat three or four times.

  • Now rub each toe with the same little circular movements.

  • Rotate each toe twice in each direction.

  • Gently pull each toe between finger and thumb.

  • Zigzag down the sole of the foot from toes to heel with your thumbs overlapped.

  • Enclose the foot in your hands then rub them in opposite directions, to create frictions. This is very warming.

  • Hold the foot firmly and slowly rotate the ankle clockwise then anti-clockwise. Repeat a couple of times.

  • Repeat step 1.

  • Once completed, wrap the foot up again for warmth and repeat the movements on the other foot. By now your massage partner will be feeling more relaxed and at ease with your touch.
    The Lower Legs And Knees
    Warm a little oil in your hands.

  • With one hand behind the other, smooth the oil on to the front of the leg, starting at the top of the foot and working upto the knee. This movement distributes the oil and soothes and relaxes the whole area.

  • Rub across the front of the leg using both hands to create frictions. This increases the blood circulation to the area and reduces aches and pains.

  • Lift the leg up so the knee is bent. Squeeze and relax rhythmically down the muscles of the calf from knee to ankle. Repeat several times. Put the leg down.

  • Work around the kneecap in little circular motions with both hands. Be careful not to use too much pressure.

  • Now using your thumbs gently slide them around each side of the kneecap.

  • Stretch out your thumbs fron your fingers to create an arch. Sweep over the whole knee using alternate hands several times.

  • Now wrap up the lower leg and proceed to the thigh.

  • The Upper Legs
    Apply oil as for the lower leg.

  • Glide up the leg from knee to groin, using one hand behind the other. This movement should be fairly slow and rhythmical. Make sure the movements cover the whole of the thigh area. Repeat four to five times.

  • Stroke the upper inner thigh diagonally from knee to groin hand over hand. Repeat four or five times.

  • Squeeze and release rhythmically first along the inner thigh from knee to groin, then along the outer thigh.

  • Using your knuckles rake quickly up from the knee to the groin, taking in the whole thigh area. This is a friction movement and increases the surface blood circulation. You will notice the skin colours quite quickly and feels warmer to touch.

  • Uncover the lower leg, then effleurage the whole leg from foot to groin as in step 2. Finish off by enclosing the foot in your hands a couple of times. Cover the leg then repeat all the movements on the other one.

  • By now you will find your hands have become more sensitive to your partner and you will notice differences in the skin texture and muscle tone.

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