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Hair Care with Aromatheraphy Oils
Hair CareHair care is much similar to the skin care, scalp being the part of a specialised skin. PH balance matters while utilising products for hair care. Aromatheraphy oils are capable of being effective to the hair follicles and overall health of hair.

In case of hair loss, aromatheraphy oils of birch, brahmi, chamomile, coriander, peppermint, rose and rosewood are effective.

In case of dandruff, lavender, yarrow, sandalwood, lemon balm, bay, lemon, neem, and cypress are the effective oils for cure and prevention.

In case of oily hair it is recommended to use cedar, lavender, lemon, sage, lemon balm and cypress are the recommended essential oils.

To increase hair growth, rosemary, coriander, cedar and birch are the recommended oils.

For split ends, rosewood, sandalwood and Vetiver will do the trick.

For graying hair, coriander, sage and lemon can halt the progress.

You can select a good PH balanced shampoo and conditioner and add essential oils to it. But the best treatment is to apply medicated hair oil to the scalp.

Recommended recipes are:

Hair loss
To 4 oz. coconut oil, add:
  • 10 drops chamomile.

  • 10 drops coriander

  • 10 drops rosewood

  • 10 drops birch

  • Dandruff:

    To 4 oz. sesame oil, add:
    10 drops lavender.
    10 drops yarrow.
    10 drops cypress.
    10 drops sandalwood.

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