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Aromatherapy applications aromatheraphy oils at Home
aroma oil at HomeYou will be quite amazed at the practical ways Aroma oils can be used in daily routine at home. Other than dispensing bad smells, the purifying nature of essential oils makes them useful for cleansing and disinfectant purpose. There`s an added bonus too: the oils really are natural and don`t need any environmentally damaging chemical additives to help them clean properly.

Even a small quantity of essential oil can do wonders, along with being quite economical and long lasting.

Essential oils such as Eucalyptus, Orange, Bergamot, Lavender, Myrrh, sandalwood, lime, pine, Mandarin, peppermint and Geranium are the recommended oils for household purpose.

Few of the practical applications through theses oils are:


To wipe kitchen surfaces and chopping boards and to wash floors, add eight drops of essential oil to a small bucket of warm water, wring out a cloth. Lemon and geranium are the ideal oils.

To clean basins, toilets, baths, and sinks, put three drops of essential oil on a damp cloth. Tea tree, patchouli or pine are the recommended essential oils.

To sterilize dishes and cutlery, add two drops of essential oil to the washing-up water. Recommended oil is a combination of Lavender and lemon.

To rinse clothes, add three drops of essential oil to the Final rinsing water. A combination of lavender and geranium would be ideal.


Cleaning the room with a vacuum cleaner and scenting it with the essential oils can go hand in hand. Place five drops of oil on a cotton-wool ball inside the cleaner, against the exit filter where air blows out of your machine. To refresh or change the fragrance, just replace it with a new cotton ball as often as you wish. You can use your favourite aroma for the use. Although Lavender, Rosemary, Tea-tree, Pine, Citronella and Bergamot are the recommended ones.


To disinfect the air in a sickroom, burn oils as already described, in a vaporizer.

Best Oils for a sickroom:

Eucalyptus (for congestion, colds)
Tea-tree (for viruses, flu, etc)
Lavender (antiseptic, calming, relaxing)
Myrrh (sore throat, coughs)
Bergamot (deodorizing, uplifting)

To deodorize and neutralise odors, put four drops of Essential oil on a cotton-wool ball and place it in a wardrobe, laundry basket, rubbish bin, shoe rack, etc. Bergamot, peppermint, thyme, lemongrass and lavender are the essential oils for the purpose.

For persistent underarm odor, place two drops of Essential oil on the inside, underarm seams of shirts, Jackets or jumpers. Bergamot and citronella are the suitable essential oils.

For smelly shoes, rub four drops of essential oil into the Insoles with a tissue. Lemon is fast and effective for this particular chore.


Essential oils can also come handy when relieving muscular pains and chest congestion.

Add five drops of essential oil to 100 mI (20 fl oz/1 pint) of very hot water in saucepan, and then cover it.
Wearing rubber gloves, remove the lid and lay a folded cloth or flannel over the surface of the water to absorb oil.
Squeeze out excess water and place it over the affected area until it has cooled to blood temperature.
Reheat and repeat. Always test a poultice before applying to skin to ensure it isn`t too hot.

Use hot poultices for: backache, earache (one drop of oil on a damp cotton-wool ball), cramps, boils, aching feet, arthritis, rheumatism, tummy ache, stiff neck, Muscular pain, sore throat or chest congestion.

Suitable Oils for Poultices

Lavender, eucalyptus, petitgrain (backache)
Lavender (earache)
Ambrette, cypress, tarragon, juniper, peppermint, Clary sage (cramps).
Clary sage, galbanum, lemongrass, tea-tree, Rosemary (boils).
Citronella, laurel, lemon, rosemary (aching feet).
Lime, myrrh, spruce (arthritis).
Angelica, lime, pine (rheumatism).
Angelica, cypress, fennel, ginger, peppermint, Tarragon (tummy ache).
Spruce, eucalyptus (stiff neck).
Ambrette, basil, eucalyptus, bay, camphor, ginger, Petit grain, pine, marjoram, rosemary (muscular pain).
Angelica, myrrh, ginger, Peppermint, pine, thyme (sore throat, congestion).


Cold compress is an ideal way to use essential oils to help soothe inflammation or reduce fever. You just have to Place the oils in 100 mI cold water with six ice cubes in a bowl.

Use cold compresses for: headaches, sprains, inflammation, fever, swollen bumps, burns, blistered, sore feet, rashes, measles, chicken pox, sunburn or a hangover.

Best cold compress Oils

Basil, chamomile, rose, violet (headaches).
Basil, camphor, citronella, marjoram (sprains).
Clary sage (inflammation).
Bergamot, tea-tree (fever).
Rose, laurel (swollen bumps).
Patchouli, chamomile, lavender, geranium, Marigold (burns, sunburn).
Birch, lavender, geranium, tea-tree (blistered sore feet)
Cedarwood, chamomile, geranium, marigold, violet, Yarrow (rashes).
Bergamot, eucalyptus, chamomile, marigold, Lavender, tea-tree (measles, chicken pox).
Rose, geranium, Neroli (hangover).


aroma oilThe nonchemical, aromatic, harmless insecticides that are kind to humans but absolutely repulsive to insects can be used easily at home. Mix 15 drops of essential oils to 100 mI (20fl oz/l pint) water in a pump-action spray bottle and shake well before spraying into the air to terrify flying insects. Or add five drops of essential oil to a damp cloth and wipe around wardrobes, shelves, drawers, window and door frames. Alternatively, apply oil drops directly to Curtain hems to repel all airborne invaders.

Suitable Oils

Camphor (moths)
Citronella (mosquitoes)
Lemongrass (most flying insects)
Tea-tree (ants, fleas, most insects)
Thyme (most hopping / crawling insects)

Best Combinations

Dilute eight drops of tea-tree and seven drops of Thyme in 30ml (1 fl oz/6 tsps) water in a spray bottle. (To get rid of ants or cockroaches spray everywhere they might walk.)
Dilute six drops of geranium, five drops of lavender and four drops of tea-tree in 30ml (1 fl oz/6 tsps) of Water in a spray bottle. (To rid a pet of fleas, spray into ruffled fur. Avoid the eyes.)

A few drops of oil on your pillowcase or mattress will drive away droning mosquitoes. Or dilute six drops of the essential oil in 30ml (1 fl oz/ 6 tsps) sunflower oil and rub it into any exposed skin before going to bed. It will also soothe the itchiness of any insect bites.
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