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Stress Reliever Massage in Aromatherapy
Effective thinking is the key to efficient life routine. It involves every second of our daily life. Stress and tensions follows as per the consequences. Nerves and muscles are directly related to the stressful mind. All the body organs are affected as a result. A simple massage rub can not only produce much relaxing and soothing effects for our physique but also enhance our thoughts capability. A Face, neck and scalp massage will lift a great weight off tired or tense shoulders.

To start with, one needs a comfortable place, relaxed time of few minutes, and some soothing and pleasing essential oil mixed in carrier oil.

The oils work in direct unison with the mind to provide freedom from stress.
Choose your favourite oil from the ones prescribed below to get the desired effect:

Best Oils for Head Massage

Relaxing massage
3 drops each rose, geranium and lavender in 30ml (6 tsps) sweet almond oil.

Energising massage
3 drops bergamot and I drop each of geranium and peppermint in 30ml (1 fl oz/6 tsps) sweet almond oil.

For Tense muscles
2 drop each petitgrain and lavender and I drop basil in 30ml (1 fl oz/6 tsps) sweet almond oil.

For a Hair tonic
3 drops lavender and I drop each rosemary and bay in 30ml (1 fl oz/6 tsps) sweet almond oil.

To go to sleep
3 drops sandalwood and 2 drops of chamomile in 30ml (1 fl oz/ 6 tsps) sweet almond oil.

For a headache
2 drops each rose and lavender and I drop chamomile in 30ml (1 fl oz/6 tsps) sunflower oil.

Now that you know your choice of essential oils, all you have to do it is, sit upright in the chair. Either wears a suitable or no clothing on shoulders for uninhibited massage of neck and face. Keep slightly warm oil handy.

Exercise one:

Stress Reliever Massage Keep your back straight. Slowly bend your neck to one side as far as is comfortable, so your ear is parallel with your shoulder. Hold the stretch for a count of five and feel it pulling up the side of the neck.
Straighten slowly and repeat on the other side.
With your head upright, place your left hand palm down on the top of your right arm.
With a downward pressure, stroke firmly across the top of the shoulder and up the side of the neck to the ear.
Repeat ten times, then change hands and repeat on the other side.

Exercise Two:

Bend your elbows and place your hands palm down back over your shoulders, on either side of the neck, with the heel of your hand on your collarbone and fingers stretching down your back.
Press firmly into the shoulder muscle, so it is pinched between your fingers and palm, and at the same time, drop your head backwards. Hold for a count of ten then slowly raise the head and release the hands.
Repeat. In the same starting position, drop your head first down to the left side for a count of five, then over and down to the right, while you pinch into the shoulder muscle.

Exercise Three:

Bend your neck forward and place your fingertips back over the shoulder muscles.
Knead the muscle by pressing in with firm fingers and gradually work up each side of the neck from the nape to the skull.
Use the first two fingers of each hand to make small circles from the top of the neck out along the base of the skull to each ear.
With your head still bent forward, place your right hand palm down over the nape of your neck and do a slow, firm, upward-pulling stroke from the nape up to the crown of the head, with one hand following after the other.

Exercise Four:

Spread your fingertips across the top of your forehead along the hairline from ear to ear.
Keeping fingers bent but stiff, press them gently into the scalp and make small, firm circular movements so the scalp itself rotates.
Gradually move, inch by inch, back up to the crown of the head. Repeat working from the nape of the neck up to the crown.
Pick up tiny sections of hair close to the root between each thumb and index finger and tug at the hair, quickly and firmly several times.
Repeat all over the head to stimulate the circulation and relax the scalp.

Exercise Five:
Lean forward and rest your elbows on a table.
Place the heel of each hand over an eye and relax downwards, holding for a count of ten and breathing deeply.
Straighten the first three fingers of your right hand and place them across your forehead.
Stroke slowly and firmly from the bridge of the nose up between the brows to the hairline. Repeat five times.
Using your first two fingers, gently press in and stroke from your inner to outer brows. Repeat five times.
With one hand on either side of the face, do a firm, very slow, palm stroke from the ears, over the temples, forehead and into the hair. Repeat.

Sixth exercise:
Using the tips of your first two fingers, make small circles over the whole face, from the jaw, up the cheeks, over the temples and along the hairline to the middle of the forehead.
Repeat with a slow, firm, palm stroke.
Placing the hands with palms over the cheekbones and fingers over the forehead, gently press into the contours of your face and hold for a count of ten.
With one palm across your forehead and the other across the back of your neck, press in for a count of ten.
With one hand over an ear on either side of your head, press in and hold.
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