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Abdomen Massage in Aromatherapy
The abdomen is a soft area protecting vital organs, so one should be very gentle on this area. Fold the towel or blanket down to expose the area from just below the breasts to a couple of inches (centimeters) below the navel.

Abdomen Massage
The Abdomen Massage
  • Apply oil, starting just under the rib-cage, working down and out towards the waist. Be careful to keep your hands relaxed and contoured to your partner. Poking fingers feel very uncomfortable here.

  • With one hand on top of the other `iron` around the lower abdomen in large circles. Keep the pressure light and even.

  • Fan your hands out and work from the navel out to the waist. Slide your hands under the waist then gently pull them back round to the front again.

  • Stroke diagonally with alternate hands from the waist down to below the navel, first on the left side, then on the right.

  • Stroke down from the solar plexus to the navel, one hand behind the other, to finish off this area.

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