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The Anti-Wrinkle Massage in Aromatherapy
Pollution, sunrays, chemical cosmetics and fast lifestyle is a curse to the looks conscious generations of modern times. Youth is the sign of vitality, attraction and healthy living. No wonder scores of people feverishly use cosmetics or surgery to maintain their youthful appearance.

But some methods can be far simpler and much more natural. One of them is massaging essential oils on the face.

An aromatherapy massage takes the stress marks off your face by soothing the anxiety and irritability that cause frowns as it treats the skin itself. The following combination of the recommended Aroma oils and massages will help you reduce fine lines, dehydration and stimulate cell turnover.

Best Aromatherapy Massage oils for Anti-wrinkle Massage



For dry complexions
3 drops rose and 2 drops Neroli in 30ml (1 fl oz/6 tsps) Apricot kernel oil

For oily complexions
I drop each geranium and lavender and I drop Bergamot in 30ml (1 fl oz/6 tsps) sunflower oil.

Young skin (under 40)
3 drops geranium and 2 drops orange in 30ml (1 fl oz/6 Tsps) sweet almond oil.

Mature skin (over 40)
2 drops each Neroli and lavender and I drop myrrh in 30ml (1 fl oz/6 tsps) wheatgerm oil.

Regenerating Oils
Some essences, such as lavender, can encourage the growth of new skin cells. This is why they are so effective in treating injuries such as burns, as well as in preserving a healthy looking skin that is soft to the touch.

For summer
2 drops each rose and violet and I drop geranium in 30ml (1 fl oz/6 tsps) sunflower oil.

For winter
2 drops each myrrh and sandalwood in 30ml (1 fl oz/6 tsps) wheatgerm oil.

The following massage with the suitable wrinkle oil will give the astounding benefits:
Exercise One:
 Massage Place the first two fingers of each hand under each earlobe, press in gently for a count of six, then slide fingers up the side of the face to the temples.
Press in gently for a count of six, then release and make small, gentle circles over the temples with your fingertips.
Put your little fingers next to one another on the bridge of the nose and, keeping them stiff and splayed, place the others along each brow, so the index fingers are on the temples.
Press in gently, hold for a count of six, then press in again and slide your fingers up the brow into the hairline, pulling skin up as you move, and finish with small circular movements pressing into the scalp.
Repeat five times.

Exercise Two:
Open your mouth wide and with a relaxed jaw, move your chin to the left, hold for a count of five, then to the right and hold for another five.
Place the tips of your little fingers on the middle of your bottom lip, press in, hold for a count of five, then repeat, gradually moving out to the corners of the mouth, then up and over the top lip to the centre of the nose.
Repeat as a light stroke. Finish by pressing your palm over your mouth and holding for a count of ten.

Exercise Three:
Stretch your neck by bending your head back and holding for a count of six while you open your eyes wide and raise your eyebrows.
With head upright place your index fingers next to one another on the bridge of the nose and stroke upwards, one after the other, between the brows `to the forehead.
Every sixth stroke, take one finger out firmly along each brow and press into the temple for a count of three.
Repeat several times. Then, using the flat of your hand, palm-stroke up the forehead into the hair, one hand following the other.

Exercise Four:
 Massage Place each index finger at the outer eye corner, then move them gradually along the undereye, making gentle inward presses for a count of three until you are pressing in on the tear ducts. This is a very light pressure throughout.
Repeat on the top eyelid, along the browbone. Don`t stretch or drag on the skin, rather press in, lift, and then press again. Place the heel of each hand over the eyes and gently press while you relax and count to 20.
Finally, screw your eyes tightly closed and hold for a count of five. Then open them wide and roll the eyes in slow circles three times.

Fifth Exercise:
face  Massage Place the palms of your hands against the sides of your face and stroke with a fast, light touch in an upwards direction to stimulate circulation and bring the colour to your cheeks.
Repeat the same stroke, but with a slow, firm stretch upwards.
Finish off by pressing the palms of your hands over your face and holding for a count of 20.

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