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The Energising Massage in Aromatherapy
A daily energizing massage can bring great deal of vitality to our routine throughout. Not to mention the health factor and boosting of the life force within ourselves. Essential oils mixed with carrier oils, not only act on muscles but work on skin and our moods simultaneously.

Best aromatherap massage oils for Energizing Body Rub
Lavender .
Petit grain.

Energizing massage
5 drops each petitgrain, orange and bergamot in 60ml (2fl oz/12 tsps) sunflower oil.

For Tight muscles
5 drops pine, 7 drops lavender and 3 drops eucalyptus In 60ml (2fl oz/12 tsps) sweet almond oil.

For cellulite
4 drops each rosemary and lemon and 9 drops Geranium in 60ml (2fl oz/12 tsps) sweet almond oil.

For winter
7 drops lavender and 4 drops each peppermint and Myrrh in 60ml (2fl oz/12 tsps) sunflower oil.

For summer
6 drops lavender, 5 drops orange and 4 drops Peppermint in 60ml (2fl oz/12 tsps) sweet almond oil.

For Mental alertness
6 drops bergamot and 4 drops peppermint in 60ml (2 fl Oz/12. Tsps) sweet almond oil.

The over-worked, over-stressed under-exercised body Blossoms with a daily top-to-toe wake-up massage. The right combination of correct essential oil with the self-touch therapy will give the desired effects on our overall well-being. Side by side we can get rid of cellulite and aches as well.

Exercise one:

Stand up while keeping a foot on the chair making an angle of 90 degrees.
Do firm, upward palm strokes with one hand following the other from ankle to knee. Do the front, back and sides of each leg.
Straighten the leg to stroke from the knee to thigh top, front, back and sides.
Then repeat, this time using stiff, bent fingers to rake the legs in an upwards stroke, but have the hands in unison so one is raking the front as the other does the back of the leg.
Use the same stroke up both sides of each leg, too.

Exercise two:

Make your arms loose at your sides; shake your hands, so they are floppy from the elbow down, as if you`re shaking water off.
Stretch straight arms up above your head, out to the sides parallel with shoulders, and downwards to toes.
Bend your right arm so the hand is at your shoulder, and using your left hand, palm down, wrap your fingers around the top of the arm and do one firm stroke down the arm to the elbow, then up the forearm from elbow to wrist.
Continue the stroke, with the thumb pressing into the palm and fingers wrapped around the back of the hand, right up to the fingertips.
Repeat on both arms.

Exercise Three:
Shape your hands into relaxed fists and use them to pummel the tops of the thighs and buttocks by bouncing them off flesh in a rapid, drumming movement.
Do a waist stroke starting on your right side, with your right hand over the hip, fingers pointing to the navel and left hand over the waist, fingers pointing to back.
Stroke one hand after the other in a firm, rhythmic upwards motion from hip to rib.
Do 20 strokes in total, and then repeat on the other side of the waist.
Do the same rhythmic stroke up the tummy, from groin to ribcage.

Exercise four:

sholder MassagePlace your hands up on each shoulder, with a thumb below and index fingers above the collarbone, then pinch and squeeze the bone, working from the shoulder in towards the chest.
With palms down, place one hand back over each shoulder top, then pinch and knead the muscle between the fingertips and heel of each hand.
Then wrap one hand palm down across the nape of the neck and as you relax the head slightly backwards, pinch and knead the neck muscles.

Exercise five:
With arms to your sides, stretch and hold your shoulders, by rounding them forwards (head down), backwards (head back), up towards your ears and down (head straight).
Hold each stretch for a count of ten before relaxing. Repeat the shoulders forward and backwards movement, but this time with straight arms out at shoulder height.
Then shake your head vigorously as if you are shaking water from your hair. With stiff, straight fingers, massage in small circles all over your scalp as if you are shampooing your hair.

Sixth exercise:
Bend your arms at the elbows and with floppy, relaxed hands shake them vigorously as if you`re flicking water off them.
With one hand following the other in a smooth, flowing rhythm, stroke palms down from your brows up the forehead and into your hair for a count of 60.
Finish off with a firm head press: place your left hand, palm down, on forehead and right hand palm down across the nape of your neck. Push both hands inwards and hold for a count of 15.
Relax and repeat.

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