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Articles on Acupressure
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Acupressure and Children
Children can receive incredible health benefit from oriental medicine. These gentle and quick methods can be used to help children to release symptoms and quickly restore balance to their bodies. It is such a gift for children to learn how to heal themselves naturally so early in their lives. These techniques are a gift that will keep them healthy and happy for many years to come.

Animal Acupressure
Many treatments used on people are also used with animals - primarily horses, dogs and cats. Many people with elderly pets will go to tremendous lengths to improve the quality of their lives. Alternative therapies may provide relief from their aches and pains with few side effects. There may not be any treatment available, with the exception of pain control, in cases of terminal cancer or arthritis in an elderly pet. Or, the traditional western techniques, such as surgery in a very old dog, may be too invasive. As anyone with a pet companion can attest animals enjoy and respond to being touched. A few gentle strokes can quiet a barking dog or set a cat purring | Home | Sitemap | Contact Us