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Cure through acupressure
Headaches and Migraine.. Sleeplessness and Dizzi.. Depression and Anxiety..
Sweating & Excessive Dre.. Spondylitis, Sciatica & .. Stress and Hypertension..
Constipation & Abdomina.. Indigestion, Diarrhea & .. Chest disorder, Cough & ..
Cold and flu & Hiccup.. Abdominal distension & .. Backache & Frozen shoul..
Women Related Diseases.. Fever, Fainting & Dysph.. Hoarse & Sore throat, Lo..
Other Diseases
The science of acupressure is based on a theory that is totally different from allopathic treatments. In acupressure the meridians points start at the fingertips, connect to the brain, and then connect to the organ associated with the specific meridian. The names of these meridians specify the organ associated with them. One interesting theory of acupressure states that it is not necessarily the organ that relates to the system the cause of the problem. It is the "root cause" that is the main cause of the malfunction and if the root problem is cured, the external problem is cured as well. In acupressure the whole body would be studied by reading energy pulses located on the arms to diagnose the root cause and once the root cause is diagnosed, that specific problem would be cure and not just the surface problem. Acupressure is a science of patience. It is a slow process and it takes a long time ranging anywhere from one day to probably more than five years depending on the problem and its severity. There are certain points located on meridians called emergency points or "Z" points. These points work as quickly as steroids in the body. An asthmatic attack, for instance, can be slowed down in allopathy by inoculating the patient with cortisone (a steroid). Z points activate the adrenal gland so that the gland itself produces cortisone for the body. This does not even take five minutes. This activation occurs in a couple of minutes and the patient can be relieved from the attack immediately. This holds true for almost any emergency situation. Once the patient is out of danger, regular points are given to cure the patient permanently. Acupressure works only if the treatment is done regularly. The interesting thing about acupressure is that a patient can do the points on his/her own body without external assistance. Nevertheless, if the patient is not regular, the treatment does not do any good to him/her. Once the acupressure diagnoses the problem, the patient is given some points on the body (mostly arms and legs) and the acupressurist marks them for the patient. Each point has to be pressed hard and the pressure is sustained for fifteen seconds. The pressure has to be given by using the thumb and the direction of the thumb has to be towards the body. The pressure is-then released for a second and the point is repressed in the same manner. Each point is pressed for fifteen seconds every time for three consecutive times. So actually, each point receives a total pressure of forty-five seconds with one-second gaps every fifteen seconds. The points are given in a sequence so that there is a smooth switch from one meridian to another. The sequence is based on the root cause i.e. if the patient`s root cause is circulation, the points on the circulation meridian are given first and then other meridians follow up for activating the organs associated with the circulation meridian.

In our modern lifestyle lack of sufficient muscular activities gives rise to various physical problems. Unbalanced food and abuse of natural routine of the body (such as keeping awake when you should be sleeping) add to the problems. The muscles become weak. Bones start shifting from their places with the adoption of faulty posture. There is undesirable accumulation and deposit of chemicals in the blood vessels, joints and various parts of the body. As affliction to body organs increases, the related points on palm and feet are also affected. Acupressure has beneficial effects in curing many diseases. These diseases may include metabolic disorders, body deformity, inflammation of body tissues, digestion related problems, and heart related problems and problems with nervous system, to name a few. | Home | Sitemap | Contact Us