Magnetic Therapy Get an interesting insight on this alternative therapy, where magnets hold the miraculous properties to heal and care for our overall well-being. Learn about this therapy that can be incorporated in our contemporary lifestyle, for our well being.
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    Magnetic TherapyWhen a magnet is placed in our hands, it ceases to be a piece of metal or ceramics but an omnipotent entity endowed with powers that works on all animate and inanimate matter and can work wonders when used with proper knowledge and understanding.
    History of Magnetic Therapy
    History of Magnetic TherapyKnow about the interesting journey of this Ancient Therapy, from the biblical accounts of Jesus Christ to anecdotal accounts of King Zeus and Queen Cleopatra. Learn how this branch has faded in oblivion and yet came up as the most prominent aid of Medicine.
    Properties of Magnets
    Properties of MagnetsDiscover the amazing and scientifically explained properties of the specialized piece called Magnet. Learn how Magnetic field, Magnetic lines of Force and magnetic induction comes into play.
    BiomagneticsBiomagnetism is the study of effects of Magnetism on various forms of Life. Learn about the different experiments and effects regarding magnetic field and its influence on everything living, and how the knowledge is being utilized as the breakthrough concepts in medicine.
    Healing with Magnetic Therapy
    Healing with Magnetic TherapyThrough numerous experiments based on calculations and observations, many curative properties of Magnets have been discovered in many applications. The section describes of vivid influence of Magnetic field on various systems of our body.
    Magnetized Water and Oil
    Magnetized  Water and OilThe physical and chemical properties of water and other fluids undergo changes under the influence of magnetism. Magnetized water is a fluid par excellence compared to ordinary water and is an efficient solvent of kidney stones and gall-bladder stones. This upgraded water is used in a number of clinics across India and Russia to help patients in therapeutic healing.
    Techniques in Magnet Therapy
    Techniques in Magnet TherapyBefore launching upon the Magnet Therapy in individual diseases, it is necessary to understand the conditions and related precautions to derive maximum benefit from such application. All this is explained as the Techniques in Magnet Therapy.
    Diseases Cure with Magnetic Therapy
    Diseases Cure with Magnetic TherapyMagnetic therapy as a combined knowledge of Biomagnetism with the skilled application of Magnets can effectively cure diseases ranging from Common ailments to Cancer. Magnets are the simple but potent natural tools in various diseases to which we all subject to at some time or other in our life.
    Magnetic Therapy Products
    Magnetic Therapy ProductsMagnetic Therapy products on the market today come in many forms and usage. They can be taped to the skin, worn as jewelry or in your shoes, or slept on as pillows and mattresses. The magnetic products can be easily accommodated in our lifestyle to suit our needs as well as our daily routine. : Web portal on Indian Culture and Lifestyle
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