Reiki Get an interesting insight on this alternative branch of medicine.Learn about this therapy that can be incorporated in our contemporary lifestyle, right from curing the diseases to total spiritual and emotional upliftment.
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    Reiki is an energy healing system which channels universal life energy into the body by gentle placing of the hands in specific positions on the body. It is the Ancient Art and Science of balancing the body`s energy on a physical and emotional level. Reiki`s journey as an unknown art in Buddhist Monastery to worldwide appraisal has been quite dramatic and interesting. Learn about Reiki, its meaning, origin and basic underlying principles as an introduction to the immense possibilities of this spiritual practice.
    Reiki Schools of Thought
    Reiki can be considered as a simple healing technique, a spiritual path, a personal empowerment journey, or all three combined. The patient and the healer are the active part of the healing process. Hence, it can have many variations with the constant improvisations of the system introduced by Dr. Mikao Usui. Inevitably, there exist so many different schools of Reiki and so many varying philosophies and methodologies. This section covers the prominent schools with their origin, philosophy and courses.
    Reiki Energy
    Reiki energy is the "transcendental spirit" and " vital life energy force". It is believed that every person`s life i.e. mind, body and spirit is driven by this very force. Hence, illness is just one manifestation of the imbalance in the energy system. These imbalances can surely be corrected by providing the Reiki energy by the healer as hands on healing. The energy is channelised by the healer and is received by the patient who acts as an equally active part in the process. This section talks about the energy and various dimensions related with it.
    Chakra Work with Reiki
    Chakras are the subtle energy centers in human being. They play an integral functional role in the complex system of human body. Chakras reflect our respective state of evolution with functionality that range from purely physical, mental, emotional, psychological, spiritual and even karmic. Balancing of chakras with reiki is the all important technique through which we can smoothen out all the aspects of our life and live the life to its grandest human potential.
    Reiki Techniques
    Reiki itself is not a technique. Reiki is the energy that is constantly flowing after a person`s initiation. Flow of Reiki is a continuous phenomenon and it flows better when specific human intention is applied. The techniques of first, second, and third Reiki Degrees act as guidelines for the utilization of Reiki for specific purposes such as distant healing, treating plants and animals, meditating with reiki symbols etc. This section covers some basic techniques that can be practiced at different levels.
    Healing with Reiki
    A reiki session is firmly rooted in freedom by which human beings can treat each other with mutual respect and honor the individuality of others. It is a process of transfer of vital energy that requires many considerations. The healer, the seeker and universal life energy are the three prime substances constituting the whole reiki session. It is a systematic process of providing and enhancing the healing force within oneself. The process benefits both, the healer and the healed.
    Diseases Cured by Reiki
    Reiki treatment has its limitations and benefits. The effects also vary from person to person. And although under no circumstances reiki treatment is a substitute for consultation of a physician, natural therapists or even a psychotherapist, its healing capacities help in recovery and boosting the body`s self-healing ability. This section covers the different positions and chakra work for common ailments.
    Reiki & Other Therapies
    New age world is opening up to holistic and alternative therapies. Therapies such as aromatherapy and reiki are breaking grounds in terms of their popularity. By merging them as a collective whole, new dimensions of never-seen-before treatment are taking shape. Although Reiki is a curative therapy in itself, its known to give far more better results when combined with other holistic therapies.This section provides information about various pros and cons, and methods of uniting Reiki with other therapies. : Web portal on Indian Culture and Lifestyle
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