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Articles on Reiki
Career in Reiki Is Reiki magic? Reiki and Gemstones
Career in Reiki
More and more of world population is discovering the value of alternative therapies. Recent studies are showing that growing number of people are turning to alternative therapies for better Medicare. The therapies most used are meditation, touch therapy (such as Reiki), guided imagery, spiritual healing, chiropractic, hypnosis More...

Is Reiki magic
Reiki is the universal energy, which can be channelised by initiated people. But even reiki enthusiast wonder about this definition, Reiki`s potential and its possible extent. Can reiki really be magic and do wonders? Claims and doubts exist side by side. Therefore, It is impor-tant to understand precisely what Reiki can do on its own and what the Reiki practitioner must pay attention to. This is the only way that the spiritual life energy can develop More...

Reiki and Gemstones
Reiki with gemstones combine two natural, healing powers for a potent mutual effect. Reiki as the universal life energy brings the physical and emotional functions back into their original harmony. While gemstones concentrate light-filled powers and color vibrations into the chakras, whose unrestricted functioning is greatly important for vitality and well-being. In this way, the powers of self-healing More...... | Home | Sitemap | Contact Us