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Chakra Work with Reiki
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Chakra Work with ReikiThe term "chakra" is of a Sanskrit origin, meaning "vortex", "Circle" or "wheel". Chakras are the subtle energy centers in human being. They play an integral functional role in the complex system of human body. On one hand, chakras are the subtle counterpart of the material organs or groups of organs associated with them. On the other hand, they determine how our existence develops on the different planes of being. Chakras reflect our respective state of evolution with functionality that range from purely physical, mental, emotional, psychological, spiritual and even karmic.

The system of the chakras is divided into major and minor chakras. These in turn are connected with the meridians and reflex zones in our body that are significantly relevant in practice of acupuncture. The chakras are actually deeply embedded in a more highly developed system with their complex functionalities.

The relevance of Chakra has been quite prominent in traditional Asian medicine since thousands of years. The knowledge of their functioning is often used for diagnosis as well as for treating disorders on the physical, emotional and mental levels. Therefore, their significance with reference to Reiki work is but unavoidable. Although, certain problems cannot be eliminated merely through the respective chakras that are specific to the problem, the amazing results cannot be ignored when chakra balancing is combined with reiki techniques.

Chakras link the high subtle planes to the physical body or material levels. Proper functioning of Chakras is important for smooth operation, or energy flow for that particular aspect of our life. Any energy blockage leads to the malfunctioning of that particular chakra. The chakra blockage may not influence all the specified function of that chakra. For example, if a blockage is released on the karmic level with the respective chakras not fully functioning, this released energy will not become fully effective on the material level as well.

This kind of dysfunction is actually found rather frequently in subtle treatments. On the other hand, "repairing" a chakra may not necessarily lead to improving your life circumstances. This kind of treatment remains superficial and ineffective if ultimately there are unreleased Complexes on the karmic levels hidden beneath. Each Chakra works on various levels in an integrated fashion. The levels start from "material poles" (such as organs and nervous system) to "ideal poles" (such as individual and social karmic level) in respective ways. The categorization is very useful for the assessment and treatment of physical disorders. The analysis can be done with the help of the pendulum, by careful questioning of the client, or working with any oracle one is familiar with.

The healer can ascertain on which energetic level is the blockage discovered. The treatment is executed from its roots. The particular chakra related with the smooth functioning of the problem is located and then specifically influenced through Reiki. This saves a lot of time, which would otherwise have to be spent on superficial or deep energy work. The more organic and acute a disorder, the more quickly Reiki will affect it.

Blockages on the karmic level, i.e. individual and group karma can only be released through regular and prolonged Reiki whole body treatment in conjunction with additional therapeutic measures. Reiki has the potential to reach all the blocks on all levels. But in the above-mentioned levels it is imperative to encounter the problems ourselves through experience and conscious will.

Of course Reiki provides the stimulus, arouses curiosity and gives strength. But it does not relieve you of the responsibility of actually experiencing the forces taking effect in your life. Here is the description of all the levels and ways to treatment with Reiki:

This level acts on the organ system and nervous system. Chakra is responsible for proper functioning of organs such as heart and liver, and nerves. Any problem detected in this level should be encountered by applying Reiki locally. In this case Reiki energy is channeled it into the affected organs and their respective reflex zones.

Level -2:
Level 2 deals with meridians (longitudinal path of acupuncture key points) in the body such as Kidney Meridian. The way to balance the dysfunction is to apply reiki along the Meridians and the main organs.

Level - 3:
This level deals with Minor chakras (e.g. energy center in the hands) and major chakras (e.g. solar plexus). The treatment comprises of chakra balancing; specific chakra and Reiki work with minor and major chakras.

Level - 4:
Individual karmic level (e.g. individual guilt complexes and formations derived from previous incarnations). The blockages can be removed by whole body reiki treatment; mental treatment with Second Degree Reiki: supplementary work with the respective major Chakras.

Level - 5:
This level is that of Social karmic level (e.g. group-related and socially related formations and guilt complexes). The assistance in cure can be done by whole body reiki treatment; mental treatment with Second Degree Reiki, and supplementary work with the respective major Chakras.

The above-mentioned list can be considered as the groundwork or suggestion for further enhancements. Reiki in certain problems don`t act as a sure shot cure, but can be of great assistance as its energy can directly and effectively align and balance the chakras. If the instincts and stimulus guides to further direction, any person should feel free to do so. After all, Reiki on Chakra are two energy-based concepts working in a more subtle and complex integrated level. | Home | Sitemap | Contact Us