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Diseases Cured by Reiki
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Nose Complaints Teeth Problems Eye Complaints
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Epileptic fits and Weig.. Bladder problems & Acne.. Addiction and Burns
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Kidney and Liver Problem.. Bleeding and Blood Pres.. Chemotherapy
Certain positions of whole body treatment of Reiki has been proved to be specifically effective for specific symptoms of diseases. Hence, they can be applied for a longer duration during whole body treatment. Or they can be applied separately. Generally, complaints require small sessions but at regular and frequent intervals. Chronic diseases should be treated at first with 4 successive whole body treatments, and then with weekly ones (depending upon the seriousness of the disease). Certain reiki sessions takes time to produce effects. Hence, in a really serious condition such as cancer, mere weeks are not enough. It takes time to condition the patient first take to healing and then start having the effect by breaking the mould.

For diseases that cause disfigurement, chakra balancing with special attention to second and fifth ones should be given. In case of Life threatening condition, chakra balancing with special attention to first and sixth chakra should be given. For impairment or paralysis of any kind in body or mind, chakra balancing with specific work on first, third and fifth chakra should be performed. In case of diseases involving body liquids, such as lymph saliva, blood, juices, constipation, urine etc, specific work on kidney and second chakra should be provided.

Solar plexus, Hara and liver region should be Reiki treated in case of problems that are related to nervous s system and mind. But above all, one must remember that reiki treatment is NOT a substitute for consultation of a physician, natural therapists or even a psychotherapist. Serious disorders or symptoms with the tendency to get serious, should be consulted immediately with a specialist.

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