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Healing with Reiki
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Reiki treatment as a Reiki session is a process of transfer of vital energy that requires many considerations. The healer, the seeker and universal life energy are the three prime factors constituting the whole reiki session. All the other aspects are to see that the energy flow is unhampered, effective and healing. The main deliberations for a successful Reiki session are as follows:

Preparation for a Reiki session:
This involves right from finding or creating a right place for the session, to finding the right healer, removing obstructions and forming a proper mental state for both the healer and the client for an effective reception of Reiki energy. These steps ensure the best of Reiki treatment.

Whole body Treatment: Reiki session with whole body treatment is a healing and rejuvenating experience that involves providing the entire body of client with a reiki therapy. The person receives the benefits of energy at all levels, and if required on specific levels. This session attunes the whole body into healing and harmony.

Tracing disturbances: Tracing disturbances guides us to the areas in the body under energy imbalance. These areas are the ones, which give away to various physical and mental problems and blockages in our life. A reiki session for this solution will lead to specific treatment of problems. The tracing can be done through hands, pendulum or various oracle methods.

A reiki session`s success depends upon various factors. The surprises in terms of unexpected release of blockages or problems are always part of the package. The person may go through unexpected surge of repressed emotions and feelings at the time. At other times, the patient may feel no noticeable change at all. Sometimes it takes a lot of sessions to make a difference. The change is often slow but steady as the client opens up to receive the new energy and various possibilities connected with it. He is bound to feel the difference in all areas of life, be it personal, social, mental and physical.

The healer also enhances his connection with this universal life energy each time he/ she gives the reiki treatment. His own attunement to Reiki magnifies manifold with experience. The client experiences an immense surge of relaxation during the session, which is followed by stimulation of the metabolism as a new vitality flows into the organism. All of a sudden the detoxification processes become revitalized and are subsequently capable of eliminating old waste products while preventing the accumulation of new ones. In this way more and more areas of the body are opened to the life-force energy and thus to relaxation.

The more the subtle and organic channels are cleared, the more responsive the person becomes to stimuli in our environment. After having dissolved many blockages, which narrow perception, they develop a more holistic perception of reality. The function of psychic and physical protective mechanisms such as the immune system, instinctive perceptions, the skin with all its protective functions and the energetic shielding of the aura is improved. There are two prerequisites for achieving all this; firstly the traditional attunement for the opening of Reiki energy and secondly regular treatment.

But above all, the reiki session often turns out to be a deep spiritual experience for the healer and the healed. One becomes aware of the thing called divine energy and the inner conscience. Also one learns to be responsive to the "life energy" that binds one human to another and to the universe. A Reiki recipient becomes livelier, and opens once more to his or her own loving inner links with the world. A reiki session is firmly rooted in freedom by which human beings can treat each other with mutual respect and honor the individuality of others.

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