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Reiki Energy
Reiki Attunement Reiki Symbols Benefits and Limitations..
Reiki EnergyReiki energy is the "transcendental spirit" and " vital life energy force". It is believed that every person`s life i.e. mind, body and spirit is driven by this very force. Hence, illness is just one manifestation of the imbalance in the energy system. These imbalances can surely be corrected by providing the Reiki energy by the healer as hands on healing.

The laying of hands in imparting the Reiki energy has the same significance as in imparting the spiritual energy. But the difference lies within the recipient himself. In case of spiritual energy, the provider has a strong aura and the energy source is within himself. The energy given is directed by his intention. Whereas in case of reiki energy, the healer acts as a channel. The recipient draws in the energy where it is needed quite automatically. Hence in this case, the recipient is more than just a passive player. He is the one on which the reiki energy flow depends the most.

The Spirit of healing with Reiki
The responsibility lays with healer to develop his/ her own potential with constant learning and practice. The most important thing concerning the development of a Reiki practice is the quality and strength of the healer`s intention. The mind is like a magnet. The quality and strength of one`s thoughts will determine the quality and strength of what one attracts in life. Therefore it is important to develop and maintain a positive mental attitude about Reiki practice.

In order to access unlimited power of reiki it is important for the practitioner to decide that he / she is worthy to do this and that there are many people who will benefit from their service. He has to decide that the value himself and his clients will receive from Reiki practice will far out weigh any effort or sacrifice that might be involved in creating it. Creating the picture of results in the mind is a good boost to oneself. But above all it is important to believe in oneself and in one`s purpose.

Old negative thoughts and feelings stored inside and unchallenged since their inception are dislodged and begin moving through our consciousness. Whenever we take on a new level of healing or commit to a new goal, these old negative feelings and thoughts will break up and be released. Rising doubts and negative feelings can be identified as the part of the healing that is being released up to the Higher Power to be healed. Reiki psychic surgery can be especially helpful in this case, even so if it is to be performed on the healer.

But there is one most important dimension to reiki energy. There are believed to exist higher sources of help such as Angels, beings of light and Reiki spirit guides as well as one`s own enlightened self. They can help develop greater access to Reiki energy by directing people who need help. They can be of great benefit, if there is a strong spiritual intention for the work. Taking reiki for the materialistic goals or to gain authority, superiority or control over others destroys the blessings from higher spirits of reiki.

One has to open up for the true nature of reiki to accomplish the goal. It is believed that through these blessings the healer gains deeper and free access to the universal energy. Focus on helping others and on healing anything within oneself that may stand in the way of an uninhibited flow of love and compassion. This is what makes Reiki healing a success.

The development of a spiritual attitude toward Reiki practice can be facilitated through the regular use of affirmations and prayers. The following prayer: "Guide me and heal me so that I can be of greater service to others." Conveys the essence of reiki spirit. Such sincere prayer will open and a path will be created to receive the help of higher spiritual beings. Then the reiki spirits are known to guide not only in Reiki healing but also in the development of life purpose. | Home | Sitemap | Contact Us