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Reiki & Other Therapies
Reiki and Medication Reiki with Aromatherapy.. Crystal Reiki
Reiki Meditation
Reiki is a holistic therapy that can often be extremely powerful in curing serious mental and physical ailments. Yet, in majority of cases Reiki is advised as a support therapy for speedy and full recovery. For example, no expert in right mind will tell you to use reiki as a first aid in case of a heart attack. But after the physician has been called and emergency treatment done, Giving Reiki will help the patient to heal from the setback in a painless and gentle, yet fast and effective way. To achieve this purpose reiki holistic treatment is appropriately combined with medication (or post operation) to induce good healing period.

Reiki with medication such as Allopathy and Homeopathy, although is known to enhance the effects of remedies, should be taken with care and under guidance of an experienced Practitioner. If followed properly, reiki will not only provide the patient with its own holistic results for overall welfare, but will also enhance the drug effects, eliminating toxic side effects. For this very reason, Reiki with chemotherapy is known to make the treatment less painful with speedy recovery. Similarly, Reiki yields manifold effects when combined with other holistic therapies.

Reiki with meditation works well to gain clarity within us and to connect with the "self". It helps us overcome some emotional or psychological issues in our daily life. Behavioral changes in terms of relationships and attitude are channelised in a gentle healing ways. Crystal Reiki imbibes the vibrations of crystals in a healing therapy. Crystals such as rock crystals, rose quartz and amethyst provide the stimulating, grounding or perceptive facets to the reiki treatment. Imbibing crystals in the reiki session enhances such aspects in the clients. Various chakras are also treated with the help of this combined treatment. Similarly, Reiki combined with aromatherapy unitedly induces the holistic effects with that of aroma oil`s. Essential oils can be grounding, stimulating, sensual, calming or strengthening. Therefore, combination of these oils with reiki brings out different aspects in the treatment.

New age world is opening up to holistic and alternative therapies. Therapies such as aromatherapy and reiki are breaking grounds in terms of their popularity. By merging them as a collective whole, new dimensions of never-seen-before treatment are taking shape. Amongst them, Reiki is emerging as the best measure with other therapies. | Home | Sitemap | Contact Us