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Reiki Techniques
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Technique word has its origin from the Greek word technikos meaning artful, skilful, specialized or expert. In other words, it is the ability to apply procedures or methods so as to yield a desired result. Reiki itself is not a technique. Reiki is the energy that is constantly flowing after a person`s initiation. This flow cannot be turned "on" or "off." Flow of Reiki is a continuous phenomenon, even without us seeking to influence it. But it does flow better when specific human intention is applied. This where the techniques for the 1st , 2nd , and 3rd Reiki De-grees come in the picture.

Many people are unaware on how to use this powerful tool of Reiki energy effectively. The incredible speed with which information is disseminated today has allowed many Reiki teachers to present material that they themselves have not yet fully understood. This is an unfor-tunate side of the great Reiki explosion. In reality, Techniques are a double-edged sword. Their sole purpose is effective work. But the moment they begin to be an obstacle in our growth, they should be discarded. This requires continuous experimentation and heartfelt practice by individual practitioner.

Basically techniques open our pathway for Three Phases on the Spiritual Path. Applying these techniques may require utilization of certain tools and mediums. For one to one reiki treatment, the patient must be properly relaxed and comfortable. This is achieved by using Reiki massage tables. These reiki tables are made of material with non-obtrusive vibes and are environment friendly. Make sure that reiki table is accordance with reiki specification and should not hamper the energy transfer. Also, certain reiki energized pictures or images are used to impart reiki energy. Certain grids and symbolic images are the medium to transfer reiki through pictures. In distance healing as well, pictures of the person, or symbolic images are often used as a mode. | Home | Sitemap | Contact Us