Hath Yoga Welcome to the site Hatha Yoga. A site which provides informations right from its origin to the contemporary scenario. The deep Yogic philosophy of India is explained with different Techniques specific to this form of Yoga. Know about different Postures and intricacies to know why Hatha Yoga is the globally popular form of yoga in the modern times.
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    Hatha YogaThe Sanskrit root words "Ha", means Sun and "Tha" means Moon. Hatha yoga is a discipline that harnesses and combines different Currents of the body to invoke all-powerful Kundalini force. It is a very ancient and resonant limb of spiritual Traditions of India, which is said to be initiated by Lord Shiva himself.
    Origin of Hath Yoga
    Origin of Hath YogaMythologically, Hatha Yoga is the branch of knowledge originating from Lord Shiva. Legendary Hatha yogis like Matsyendranath and Gorakhanath carried on this mythology to historical one. Ancient texts like "Hatha Yoga Pradipika" and "Shiva Samhita" establishes the origin of Hatha Yoga.
    Hatha Yoga and Shiva Shakti
    Hatha Yoga and Shiva ShaktiThe central figure in Hatha mythology is all powerful-Shiva. The entire framework of Hatha yoga is framed around the imagery, symbolism and philosophical concept of Shiva Shakti. Shiva stands for "Self" while Parvati stands for "Shakti."
    Indian philosphy for Yoga
    Indian philosphy for YogaYoga is not just about practicing few postures. It is the way of life encased in deep and powerful ideologies and ethics. Learn about this basic framework of Philosophies upon which each branch of yoga, including Hatha Yoga, is based.
    The Subtle Body
    Understanding Subtle BodyThe human body is considered as a psychophysical complex, which can be schematized as a series of graded levels from the purely physical elements to the most refined aspects of mind. Learn about the intricacies of Prana, Nadis, Chakras and Kundalini Shakti.
    Hatha Yoga Literature
    The textual works in Hatha yoga are many and varied with sometimes contradictory but rich interpretations. Contemporary literature for Hatha Yoga is still more diverse. But the backbone to Hatha yoga lies in earliest known Hatha Yoga Manuals. This section provides with the description of Significant Hatha Yoga Treatise.
    Hatha Yoga and our Body
    Hatha Yoga and our BodyHatha Yoga is designed to gain in-depth understanding of our body and to unleash its power and strength to obtain our higher selves. To a Hatha Yogi, the body is not a mere mass of living matter, but a mystic bridge between the spiritual and the physical being. Learn this basic doctrine upon which the rigorous physical regime of Hatha Yoga is based.
    Hatha Yoga Techniques
    Hatha Yoga TechniquesHatha yoga begins the journey by purifying and toning the body, as the prerequisite for further enhancements. The stages of supreme concentration and meditation ultimately summons the state of Samadhi to know and unite with our supreme and pure self. Thus, the journey of Hatha yoga from physical to the subtlest form is covered systematically step by step.
    Hath Yoga Asanas
    Hath Yoga AsanasThe real objective of Hatha yoga is not necessarily to master only postures, still such mastery automatically opens the doorway for further progress in Hatha yoga. Not to mention that it strengthens the will power and concentration, apart from unleashing the dormant possibilities within our body.
    Hatha Yoga and Raja Yoga
    Hatha Yoga and Raja YogaHatha Yoga is the ladder to reach the supreme state of Raja Yoga. The truthful assessment of the holistic nature of Hatha can only be acknowledged with the final summit of Raja Yoga. This section Provides with apt and detailed description between the two individual, yet united forms of Yoga.
    Effects of Hatha Yoga
    Effects of Hatha YogaHatha Yoga is widely used to discover the potential within our Body. The unleashing of the ultimate force of Kundalini provides the gateway to many amazing feats that can be performed by true Yogis. This section talks about the "Sidhis" and Miraculous achievements of Hatha Yogis, which has gone through scientific tests to establish themselves as truth.
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