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Hatha Yoga
Hatha yoga is a very ancient and resonant limb of Indian Spiritual Traditions. Sun-MoonComing from Sanskrit origin, the root words "Ha" means Sun and "Tha" means Moon. Hatha yoga is a discipline that harnesses and combines different Currents of the body to invoke all-powerful Kundalini force.

Hatha yoga begins the journey by purifying and toning the body. A well-toned body is said to be the prerequisite for further enhancements to delve deeper in our inner being. The stages of supreme concentration and meditation ultimately summons the state of Samadhi. This samadhi leads us to know and unite with our supreme and pure self. Thus, the journey of Hatha yoga from physical to the subtlest form is covered systematically step by step.

Although Hatha Yoga uses rigorous techniques to master body and hence, mind through the physical postures, a good body is just a gateway to the higher self. The final goal is always to know and unite with our ultimate self. However, Hatha yoga is widely considered as a physical form only. It is under this basic misconception that Hatha Vidya is often looked down upon in the land where the goal of any knowledge is spiritual liberation.

Hatha yoga in the western culture, is looked upon as the yogic practice that`s both physical and mental, and is performed for the purpose of purifying and strengthening the physical and the subtle bodies. This practice combines posture, breath control, seals, and locks as a means to bodily immortality and supernatural power.

This major branch of yoga is said to originate mythologically from lord Shiva himself, with Matsyendranath being his first disciple. The guru Shishya lineage continued with Goraksha as the next. Other adepts further took the practice in 1000 CE, and went on to evolve and propound the physical aspects of the transformative path that not only include postures (asana) and cleansing techniques (Shaucha), but also breath control (pranayama). A yogi harnesses the power of mind by controlling and knowing the subtle body. This in turn assists him to go higher in mental and physical plane to the supreme state known as "Kevailya" or "Moksha".

Hatha YogaIn contemporary scenario, people and experts are viewing the amazing hatha techniques to master body as the way to healthy lifestyle and efficient living. Different postures combined with pranayama relieve the mind and body of the many stressful agents and tones them towards a common goal of balanced life. Owing to the many schools that have originated from this system, Hatha yoga has become increasingly popular in Western culture. As a matter of fact, Hath yoga is the most popular form of Yoga that`s being practised in US today.

Hatha yoga is also becoming interesting point of experimental research as the verification of various powerful faculties of Yoga. Since the hath yoga involves intricate training of Body, researchers along with the practitioners are now looking at amazing faculty of human body that lay untapped by our restricted knowledge of Self. Hatha-yoga is immensely and unfathomably powerful technique, harboring the potential to radically transform the human being on all conceivable (and inconceivable) levels.

Although the perspective of attaching significance with Hatha yoga had turned out to be very "Gross" or physical, hatha is, of course, a jewel with many facets, and may be approached from a variety of angles. For those who wish only to enhance their physical fitness and to prolong their life in the physical body, hatha may be approached on this level.

Hatha YogiFor those who wish to go deeper, the hatha system comprises of ethical, gross-physical, subtle-physical and mental disciplines, uniting them in a complementary fashion and in a way that is clearly directed towards the Final goal of Self-realisation.

Hatha follows the tradition of Guru- Shishya relationship. The hatha texts provide just a framework, based on which an expert or mentor as a suitably qualified teacher, guides an aspirant through set of coherent methodology. The union of knowledgeable guidance and self discovery leads to building of oneself as a temple, out of which may pour not only the sweat of intense and disciplined work, but also the light of an awakened spirit.

Hatha yoga is no different from the other spiritual practices of India. Yoga is the theory- practice union, which requires unwavering dedication and faith in the ancient knowledge of Rishis. Hatha yoga is no different in embodying the central theme of yoga mentioned and described by the following Shloka:

"yogena yogo jnatavyo yogo yogat pravartale
yo pramattas tu yogena sa yoge ramate ciram. "

By means of yoga, yoga is known; from yoga, comes yoga. One who is assiduous in yoga rests in yoga forever.

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