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Home > Hatha Yoga Asanas > Siddhasana
(The perfect pose)

The Sanskrit name of this asana means "Perfect Pose". It is the most recommended posture while meditating. As it is considered that one attains perfection in Yoga by meditating in this position, another title of "accomplished pose" also applies.

Siddhasana is useful to learn, since it is used as the practice seat for some of the pranayamas and the Mudras. The positions of the legs and the hands also contain the body energies by closing the circuits and allowing awakened vital forces to remain in the system during meditation practice.

SiddhasanaAsana Technique

  • Sit down with both legs outstretched.

  • Bend the left knee and place the sole of the left foot against the right thigh so that the heel touches the perineum.

  • Bend the right knee and put the right heel against the pubic bone.

  • Keep hands with palms open if done between sunrise and sunset; otherwise reverse the palms.

  • The spine should always be held erect.

  • Once Siddhasana has been mastered, it is truly a comfortable position for meditation practice.

    Benefits of Siddhasana:

  • Practice of this asana helps in concentration and clarity of mind.

  • It improves memory, digestion and the faculty of the mind.

  • It is beneficial to those suffering from wet dreams.

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